The Sports Experience Platform on SmartTV and Mobile

The Ultimate Sports Hub

  • Sportworld solves the sports-interested users' issues by making all sports content visible and easily accessible. Consumers profit from free and pay options: all managed and organized by the Sportworld app.

The Platform for Sports Broadcasters

Sportworld shows the variety of sports by aggregating the most relevant sports broadcasters on one platform.

The World of Sports in just one Package

By purchasing the Samsung Sports Package, consumers can enjoy the best pay sports
content (live and VoD) with only one subscription.

The End of Media Disruption

Sportworld enables a new cross-device experience for sports fans with latency-free synchronisation of smartphones & Smart TV through a patented, new technology.

The MultiView Experience

This technology enables a whole new dimension of live sports consumption with multiple camera perspectives and live stats perfectly synchronised to the live event on Smart TV.

The perfect Symbiosis of First and Second Screen

The Multi View experience provides consumers with these innovative features on first screen Smart TV and on smartphone as a perfect second screen extension.

What's in it for Consumers

(1) All sports for any interests in one place

(2) Extremely simplified user journey
(one click to content)

(3) Innovative live sports experience with MultiView technology

What's in it forPartners

(1) Incremental sales by addressing new customer groups

(2) Massive reach by combining the power of Smart TV and Mobile

(3) Innovative data-driven cross-media approach

Business Opportunities

Sports Sponsorship

The premium sports content on Sportworld attracts highly engaged target groups.
Brands can quickly initiate a positive image transfer by addressing those brand-affine users.

Business Opportunities

Data-driven Activation

Sportworld provides brands with exclusive cross-media activation possibilities.
The perfect interaction between Smart TV and smartphone offers completely new sales opportunities.

Business Opportunities

Distribution Power

Sportworld is the perfect home for high-quality sports content, reaching millions of sports fans via Samsung Smart TVs and mobile phones.

Strong Expertise

In addition to many years of experience in developing Smart TV apps, B1 SmartTV has the technological expertise of the perfect interaction between Smart TV and mobile. This seamless interaction enables partners to address entirely new target groups and open new sales opportunities.

Samsung is the leading manufacturer and seller of Smart TVs in Europe. The close partnership with Samsung provides Sportworld with exclusive promotion packages. By purchasing a new Samsung SmartTV, consumers receive promotion codes to redeem in the Sportworld app.

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